IJCRS 2019
International Joint Conference on Rough Sets 2019
08:30 Registration Hall
09:00 Opening Ceremony F01
Invited talk Mihir Chakraborty F01
09:30 Fuzzy Rough Sets: Achievements and Opportunities Chris Cornelis
10:30 Coffee break F02
Session A1 Zbigniew W. Ras F01
11:00 CORE Rough Sets and the Algebra of Conditional Logic Gayatri Panicker and Mohua Banerjee
11:30 WRKS Iterative Set Approximations Based on Tolerance Relation Laszlo Aszalos and Dávid Nagy
12:00 WRKS Building a Framework of Rough Inclusion Functions by Means of Computerized Proof Assistant Adam Grabowski
Session B1 Zbigniew Suraj 102
11:00 RM&H A Scalable Approach to Fuzzy Rough Nearest Neighbour Classification with Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators Oliver Urs Lenz, Daniel Peralta and Chris Cornelis
11:30 RM&H Methods to Edit Multi-label Training Sets Using Rough Sets Theory Marilyn Bello, Gonzalo Nápoles, Koen Vanhoof and Rafael Bello
12:00 RM&H Three-Way Classification: Ambiguity and Abstention in Machine Learning Andrea Campagner, Federico Cabitza and Davide Ciucci
12:30 Lunch Lovarda
Session A2 Yiyu Yao F01
14:00 APPS Incremental Sequential Three-Way Decision Using a Deep Stacked Autoencoder Hong Chen, Huaxiong Li, Bing Huang, Xiuyi Jia and Xianzhong Zhou
14:30 APPS Three-way Decision Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Reputation Fulan Qian, Qianqian Min, Shu Zhao, Jie Chen, Xiangyang Wang and Yanping Zhang
15:00 APPS Multi-Graded Hybrid MRDM Model for Assisting Financial Performance Evaluation Decisions: A Preliminary Work Kao-Yi Shen, Hiroshi Sakai and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
Session B2 Ivo Düntsch 102
14:00 RM&H Soft Petri Net Sibasis Bandyopadhyay, Zbigniew Suraj and Prasun Nayak
14:30 RM&H Membrane Systems and Multiset Approximation: The Cases of Inner and Boundary Rule Application Péter Battyányi and György Vaszil
15:00 RM&H Concepts Approximation Through Dialogue With User Soma Dutta and Andrzej Skowron
15:30 Coffee break F02
Session A3 Duoqian Miao F01
16:00 CORE Rough Sets Defined by Multiple Relations Jouni Jarvinen, Laszlo Kovacs and Sandor Radeleczki
16:30 CORE Rough Matroids Based on Dual Approximation Operators Mauricio Restrepo and Chris Cornelis
17:00 CORE Rough Sets Based on Possible Indiscernibility Relations in Incomplete Information Tables with Continuous Values Michinori Nakata, Hiroshi Sakai and Keitarou Hara
Session B3 Nguyen Hung Son 102
16:00 APPS A Multi-Granularity Representation Learning Framework for User Identification Across Social Networks Shun Fu, Guoyin Wang, Shuyin Xia and Li Liu
16:30 APPS A Robust Long-term Pedestrian Tracking-by-Detection Algorithm Based on Three-way Decision Ziye Wang, Duoqian Miao, Cairong Zhao, Sheng Luo and Zhihua Wei
17:00 APPS Developing Pricing Models for Online Art Sales Using Text Analytics Laurel Powell, Anna Gelich and Zbigniew Ras
18:30 Dinner Lovarda