IJCRS 2019
International Joint Conference on Rough Sets 2019
Invited talk Davide Ciucci F01
09:00 Learning from imprecise, incomplete, and coarse data Eyke Hüllermeier
10:00 Coffee break F02
Session A1 Dominik Slezak F01
10:30 CORE An Application of Bayesian Confirmation Theory for Three-Way Decision Mengjun Hu, Xiaofei Deng and Yiyu Yao
11:00 CORE On the Roughly Continuous Real Functions Zoltán Ernő Csajbók
11:30 RM&H Learning Multi-granular Features for Harvesting Knowledge from Free Text Zheng Zhou, Huaming Wang, Zhixing Li, Feng Hu and Guoyin Wang
12:00 CORE A Three-Way Clustering Algorithm via Decomposing Similarity Matrices for Multi-View Data with Noise Jing Xiong and Hong Yu
Session B1 Wojciech Ziarko 102
10:30 CORE On topologies defined by binary relations in rough sets Michiro Kondo
11:00 CORE The Prototype View of Concepts Ruisi Ren and Ling Wei
11:30 APPS A Bibliometric Profile of Research on Rough Sets Wenjie Wei, Duoqian Miao and Yuxiang Li
12:00 APPS Rough Sets and Local Texture Features for Diagnosis of Connective Tissue Disorders Debamita Kumar and Pradipta Maji
12:30 Lunch Lovarda
Session A2 Zoltán Ernő Csajbók F01
14:00 APPS Multivariate Ovulation Window Detection at OvuFriend Joanna Fedorowicz, Lukasz Sosnowski, Dominik Slezak, Iwona Szymusik, Wojciech Chaber, Lukasz Milobedzki, Tomasz Penza, Jadwiga Sosnowska, Katarzyna Wojcicka and Karol Zaleski
14:30 APPS 3D Face Recognition Based on Hybrid Data Xinxin Li and Xun Gong
15:00 APPS The Impact of Rough Set Conferences Jingtao Yao
15:30 Coffee break F02
Round table Guoyin Wang F01
17:00 IRSS annual meeting Davide Ciucci F01
18:30 Dinner Lovarda