IJCRS 2019
International Joint Conference on Rough Sets 2019
08:30 Registration Hall
Invited talk Chris Cornelis F01
09:00 Pattern structures and pattern setups for mining complex data Sergei Kuznetsov
10:00 Coffee break F02
Session A1 JingTao Yao F01
10:30 CORE Approximation Based on Representatives Dávid Nagy and Laszlo Aszalos
11:00 CORE Local search for attribute reduction Xiaojun Xie, Ryszard Janicki, Xiaolin Qin, Wei Zhao and Guangmei Huang
11:30 CORE Studies on Reducing the Necessary Data Size for Rule Induction from the Decision Table by STRIM Yuichi Kato and Tetsuro Saeki
12:00 CORE Concept Approximation Based on Rough Sets and Judgment Jaroslaw Stepaniuk, Grzegorz Gora and Andrzej Skowron
Session B1 Adam Grabowski 102
10:30 RM&H Constructing the Optimal Approximation Sets of Rough Sets in Multi-granularity Spaces Qinghua Zhang, Fan Zhao, Yubin Xue and Jie Yang
11:00 RM&H A Dynamic Dominance-based Rough Set Approach for Processing Ordered Data Shaoyong Li and Zhiyong Hong
11:30 RM&H CSLI: Cost-sensitive collaborative filtering with local information embedding Heng-Ru Zhang, Jie Qian and Fan Min
12:00 RM&H Attribute reduction based on optimistic multi-granulation information systems Binli Ou and Tian Yang
12:30 Lunch Lovarda
Invited talk Andrzej Skowron F01
14:00 Probabilistic Rough Sets Wojciech Ziarko
15:00 Social Program
19:00 Banquet UD